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Christian Lee

For the past 30 years I was Managing Director of Zimmer + Rohde UK.


Just as I was about to retire I lost my lovely wife Gilly to brain cancer after 4 years of illness.


Before her death Gilly made me promise her three things:

  1. To start my own business – Gilly knew this was  my lifelong ambition.

  2. To do this with our very close friend, Matt Gomez of Turnell & Gigon.

  3. To run the business with a strong ethos of giving back, not just taking.


To fulfil my promises, I have done the following:


I have started Christian Lee Ltd & we will be part of the Turnell & Gigon Group. 2 Promises fulfilled!


Then my final promise to Gilly of giving back. We have decided that every meter we sell we shall donate £1.00 to the NHS.


To sum up we don’t want to be huge, but we do want to be special, if this of interest to you please let us know.

Please click on this link for a brief and personal introduction to why I started my own business.

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Philly Kitchin

I have always had a passion for fabrics. Having finished my degree at Winchester School of Art. I then travelled the world for a year before joining Zimmer + Rohde UK


I was at Zimmer + Rohde for 21 years, before realising that I wanted to get back to the basics of design and building a business.


I couldn’t resist the temptation after being offered a directorship and a shareholding for Christian Lee LTD along with Christian Lee and Matt Gomez.

An exciting collaboration with Fabricut has made the transition very easy for me.

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